This 1993 Data east Last Action Hero  pinball machine is in amazing condition inside and out. The cabinet looks great and play field even better. This game works 100 % and plays with no errors. We have fully restored this game with all new rubbers an LED lights and new legs and top glass. The play field has been stripped and cleaned and waxed and new rubbers installed . 

This game is loaded with features that will have players coming back for more!

Start the action by grabbing hold of Arnold’s Ruger Blackhawk, 45 Caliber Pistol to propel your ball onto the playfield.

Watch the Super Crane carry the ball from ramp to ramp.

You’ll feel the crane shake the earth as it moves across the playfield.

Get your ball through the Lt. Deckker Spinner and you’ll have to listen to him chew out the department!

Shoot your ball into the double scoop to start 1 of 13 separate Dynamite Feature mini-games.

Listen to hit music from chart-busting bands AC/DC, Queensryche and MegaDeth played through the industry’s leading sound source, the BSMT 2000

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