Bally Black Rose Pinball Machine


This 1992 Bally Black Rose  pinball machine  is a very cool pinball to play. This game is a players game and has a lot of bells and whistles and keeps you into the game. The LED’s really do a lot for this pinball makes it look amazing. 
This pinball has a new top glass and new legs and the play field is fully shopped with new rubbers &  ALL light bulbs have been replaced with LED lights that never have to be replaced and look amazing.  We also break down the play field and hand clean all ramps and plastics and clean and waxed the play field. The cabinet is cleaned inside and out  We go thru all electronics and displays and do any repairs that are needed. Cabinet has been cleaned and is in great shape. Pinball plays with no errors and cabinet and  playfield field are in super nice condition.

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