This Data East Jurassic Park pinball machine is in great shape and plays great. This machine was purchased by the original owner brand new and stayed in a non smoking home all it’s life. Game is super clean !!!

We have gone through this machine and done any repairs needed. We also have done a full play field tear down and clean and waxed and replaced all rubbers. We also replaced all bulbs with LEDs so looks AMAZING. Top glass also is new.

Notable Features:
Flippers (3)
Pop bumpers (3)
Multiball (6)
Captive ball
Shaker motor

Dinosaur eats ball
Raptor kicks

Game Play:
Where in Jurassic Park do you want to go first? It’s up to you! Jurassic Park allow you to explore 11 different mini-games.
Start by taking your best shot at the deadly Velociraptor using the Tazer Stun Gun – but save your missile, you’ll need it later.
Enter the Control Room to see the status of the Park on the monitoring computers.
Take a shot at the mosquito fossilized in amber. The last blood he tasted didn’t come from any present-day animal.
Watch out for big T-Rex – you’ll know he’s approaching when you feel the cabinet rumbling. Get too close and he’ll eat your ball for lunch!
You’ll see and hear actual scenes from the movie via the full-size dot matrix