This Gottlieb Operation Thunder pinball machine is in great shape and plays great. This is a very fast and fun game to play. We have installed a new display and new legs and top glass.

Operation: Thunder puts the player in charge of a squadron of F-15 Eagles and Stealth Fighters, waging an unyielding air attack on the enemy such as destroying radar installations, strafing tank columns, and attacking the domed power plant. Light up the mountainous terrain with a barrage of bombs and missiles, but make sure you don’t run out of fuel lest you crash and burn. Only the best pilots will make it through all eleven missions, and those who survive the Final Assault will be rewarded with a hero’s welcome and a well-earned promotion.


Operation: Thunder pinball features include: 3 Flippers, 2 Pop Bumpers, 2 Slingshots, 8 Drop-Targets, 1 Vari-Target, 1 Spinning target, 4 Holes
Toys include: A Domed Power Plant in the upper right corner, contains spinning turntable that vaults ball around targets and against the side of a pop bumper.