Sega Marry Shelly’s Pinball Machine Frankenstein


This is one amazing pinball machine and a blast to play. This Sega Marry Shelly’s Frankenstein pinball machine is in amazing condition inside and out. The cabinet looks great and play field even better. This game works 100 % and plays with no errors. We have fully restored this pinball with all new rubbers an LED lights and new legs and top glass. All repairs needed have been done. 
Game Features:
Here are some great features:
Beautiful hand drawn artwork by one of the all time masters of pinball art.
Unique toy that throws pinballs at you.
Fast paced layout by John Borg with great orbit shots and three flippers.
Small production run of only 3,000 games — which typically makes games go up in value.
Great horror theme that everyone on the planet is familiar with.
Giant DMD that dwarfs the size of a regular DMD.
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