Why Buy From Us

Most games have been warehoused for decades and have had who-knows-what living in them, so every game we sell gets broken down, cleaned, and sanitized inside and out.

  • We do any cabinet repairs¬†¬†hat are needed, and coin doors are sanded and repainted with new locks installed if requested.
  • We check the monitor, power supply, the game's PCB, and do any repairs that are needed.
  • All buttons and joysticks are checked and replaced when needed.
  • We put the game into a burn in test mode for 24 hours to make sure the game is working 100% before you get it.
  • Our shipping department checks each game thoroughly before palleting them for delivery.
Many of these games and machines are more than 30 years old; if, for some reason, there is a problem with your game within the first 60 days after delivery we will contact a tech in your area to fix it and cover parts and labor.

You can buy your arcade game from Choo Choo Pinball knowing we will never deliver a dirty game and we will not leave you with a non-working machine.

See Before and After Examples Here